Reverse Osmosis Systems

Nowadays, consumer needs toward food consist of healthy, clean label, premium quality products, offering more convenience. Therefor our clients in the agri-food industry, specifically in Potatoe Industry are searching for new food-grade protein isolates derived from the potato.

Wafilin Systems of unique foodgrade RO systems that can extract and isolate naturally present proteins from non-genetically modified potatoes.

The proteins have shown to be able to substitute high-value animal proteins like caseinate, whey protein isolate, gelatin, egg albumen and egg yolk.

Systems: 20-50 m³/h per unit


  • Water reuse
  • Protein Recovery
  • Reduction on steam

Scope Wafilin Systems (total project):

  • Pilot study
  • Full scale unit
  • Integration in food factory
  • NF/RO membranes depending on desired permeate quality
  • Engineering & Commissioning services
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