Ultra Filtration - Cheese Brine

Located at Cheese Factory

Salt brine is used to cure many different varieties of cheese. It is important to keep the brine’s microbiological composition within strict limits to maintain its efficacy. Disposal of salt brine is very expensive and often prohibited due to its high salt content. It is, therefore, preferable to remove the microbes through cold sanitation and return the brine to its original condition. This makes brine cold sanitation one of the most useful quality improvements commonly made in cheese factories.

Our Low-Energy UF technology is a superior technology for sanitation of cheese brine as it physically removes the undesired microorganisms, dead cells and physical contaminants from the brine without making a significant change to its chemical composition. It is simple to operate and easy to install in connection with the existing brine systems.

Our UF systems are widely recognized as the most effective method for cheese brine clarification

Advantages for customers

  • Minimum loss of water and salt;
  • Low Energy consumption
  • Clean and clear brine;
    • Total removal of physical impurities;
    • Over 99% reduction in total bacteria count;
    • No undesired enzymatic activity;
  • Low retention of Ca and N; 
  • No protein denaturation;
  • No precipitation of calcium phosphate;
  • No additives
    • No changes in pH
  • Simple and flexible process and easy operation
  • CIP possibility
  • Reduced corrosion in plant
  • Standardized ‘Plug & Play’ Unit


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