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Accelerating growth with circular membrane solutions

We provide turnkey services encompassing the full range of support with best technical knowledge, which includes R&D, feasibility studies, pilot testing in our laboratories or at location, process design, and delivery of membrane filtration units and systems. All our solutions have to address each criteria of our circle:



R&D and innovation

Having access to two application centres, Water Application Centre (WAC) & Food Application Centre (FACT), Wafilin Systems has the ability to offer clients infrastructure and equipment for conducting research and pilot testing. In addition, we provide technical and scientific support for testing ideas or concepts using our own pilots and research set-ups.

Feasibility studies

After passing the R&D phase we evaluate the results and technology questioning whether they are feasible from a clients and our own perspective. From a technical point of view each process or application can form a solution for the given issue. But during this phase we evaluate criteria; capex, opex, sustainability, durability, replacement, endurance, etc.

Pilot testing

New and specialized applications often require pilot demonstrations or in-house tests to validate system designs. To overcome these process variations, Wafilin Systems offers more than 12 pilot units which can be placed on site. This enables us to carry out long term testing and gather data. The results are shared and evaluated with the client and eventually form the foundation of the desired solution.

Process design

Based on the pilot results Wafilin Systems is able to offer a complete process design. Wafilin Systems is one of a few membrane manufacturers who also design the process and systems. Our highly skilled engineers are well versed in developing membrane solutions for even the most complex fluid processing challenges.

The engineering group includes engineers who are specialized in the dairy, food and beverage, industrial wastewater and in-process applications. However specialized requirements, our experienced engineers will be there in each step of the circle.

Units & Systems delivery

Wafilin Systems offers custom-designed solutions that cost effectively meet separation requirements. We are experts at designing, integrating, and supporting our systems and membranes that enhance performance and reduce complexity. We will study your overall operation, production goals and schedules and system architecture in detail. By clearly identifying your objectives, we can select the smartest solutions for our client.

Commissioning and Start-up

Our field service and engineers will work with you onsite to commission your new system, train your staff, and optimize the process to best fit the particular requirements. All are highly trained in every aspect of the solution including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, controls, process and cleaning. We are also responsible for developing O&M manuals and will provide detailed training for operators. Training will cover all aspects from operation to preventative maintenance to calibration.

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