KEI 2019 (Knowledge and Innovation)

With support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN) / KEI 2019 (Knowledge and Innovation), Wafilin Systems has set up a new position: Marcom Professional.

The reason for this new position is that Wafilin has formulated a number of ambitions for the next few years:

* national and international growth

* increased brand awareness

* more knowledge of Marketing and Communication within the organisation.

Marcom professional Ruth Rottiné will work closely with current employees at Wafilin, with a view to embedding her specific knowledge and skills securely within the organisation. She will map out Wafilin’s current image and then establish and implement a framework for increasing our national and international brand awareness. This will enable the integration of the marcom activities and the position of Marcom Professional within Wafilin.

By the end of her secondment period, Ruth Rottiné will have transferred her knowledge of and experience with marketing and communication to our current staff, having contributed to the development of a future-driven and nationally and internationally known organisation.

This approach aims at developing our knowledge of market innovation so that we can further build Wafilin’s image, increase national brand awareness and make major strides on the international market.

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