Our customers have decided: Wafilin Systems deserves an 8.3!

There is one factor that is central in all of the activities that Wafilin Systems carries out: our customers. Our customers give us the opportunity to work on our passion every day, and their trust has helped us to expand further throughout the years. Because of this, we are constantly striving to meet the expectations of these customers, and even exceed them where possible. One of the most efficient ways to measure this is through a customer satisfaction survey, which is why Ruth Rottiné, Marketing & Communication Manager, presented a set of questions to our customers to get to know how they feel about Wafilin Systems.

We can proudly announce  that  the outcome of the survey, which was executed end of last year, shows that our customers have awarded us with a 8.3, which is an increase from last year when our customers gave us a 8.1. “To me, this increase proves our continuous progression. My team has put in a lot of effort to make sure that we are able to offer the best services to our customers, and this is our reward” as stated by Henk Schonewille, CEO of Wafilin Systems.

This number is the result of the various activities we have undertaken to improve ourselves as a company. For example, we have adjusted our quotations at the request of various customers, so that they are now more clear and pleasant to look at. Furthermore, we have started with organizing tailor-made training courses for customers.

The results of the survey shows that our customers , chose to do business with Wafilin because of our reliability and flexibility. They indicate that Wafilin is a well-equipped, trustworthy and unique partner that actively contributes to the discussion. Also it will not be a surprise that they praise our knowledge of membrane technology. Furthermore, we got several valuable suggestions that we can use to improve our business, which we will be working on in the coming period.

The customer satisfaction survey  is not only a good indication of the opinions of our customers, but is also part of the re-certification for ISO 9001, the internationally accepted standard for quality management. Through this re-certification, we want to show our customers that we are constantly striving for the best quality, and we want to be able to ensure them of this. As a result, we have been rewarded with an extension of our ISO certification during the audit a couple of weeks ago!

Our strive to improve our services will continue in the future, and we will use the feedback that we got to keep improving, in order to be able to serve our customers optimally by delivering the best membrane filtration systems with the best pre- and aftercare.

Do you want to know more about the effort we put in to keep delivering the best quality to our customers, please contact Henk Schonewille: h.schonewille@wafilinsystems.nl.




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